French specialist in canal boat holidays since 1982

Ready to set sail!

You do not have a sailing licence and are worried about driving the boat? Rest assured! The handling is quite simple and our teams on the bases will take the time to show you how the different equipment works and introduce you to the maneuvers and docking. The boat works with two commands: a throttle lever with two positions (front and rear) and a wheel to steer: you see, it’s simple!

Travelling at an average speed of 6km ph. Enjoy your holidays with a peaceful soothing rhythm, gently travelling on the water. Enjoy the scenery from a new perspective and feel free to punctuate your cruise with a few stops, gourmet, history or sports. There will be something for everyone!

Don’t forget your cameras: You won’t want to miss herons, black kites, egrets, mallards, kingfishers...!

Important: during your cruise, you sometimes come across mariners for whom sailing is their livelihood. They always have priority, it’s the rule!

Tip: do not anger fishermen. When you come across them on the banks, remember to slow down in order not to create too much backwash, and move over a little so as not to break their lines. You will soon make friends!