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You have chosen your region, your boat and your extras, and your reservation is now made. Less than one month before departure, your voucher and your logbook in hand, it’s time to plan your journey!
The following pages will provide you with valuable information to help you in this preparation, so please read them carefully before you go, and contact your travel agent for further information.

What should I pack?

Let’s start with the case itself: ideally plan to use flexible bags such as sports bags: aboard a boat, space is limited and rigid suitcases may take up too much space during your stay.
We recommend that you take light clothing (shorts, swimsuits) and some rain gear and warmer clothes depending on the season. Tennis shoes are required, dress shoes are not advisable as they are inappropriate for boats and so can be dangerous.

FPP Travel boats are fully equipped, you’ll find that you need to pack little in your bag! 
Essentials: your camera, a torch, binoculars, a deck of cards and something to read.

Departure and return times

Reception at the departure base, times for boarding and returns

Whether you arrive by car, train or plane, the bases are ready to welcome you. To help you reach your starting point, an access plan will be sent to your agency with your voucher. On arrival, the base manager and his team will offer you their warmest welcome. No need to arrive early as most boats leaving in the afternoon are returned to the base the same day. We must therefore allow the necessary time for our team to prepare your boat before departure. Why not plan to arrive an hour before the scheduled time? This will leave time to stock your boat from the local shops.

The paperwork (licence, inventory, installation) and explanations about how the boat works, take time: approximately 2 hours.


Week days

Departure from Monday to Saturday depending on the base, and return from the following Monday to Saturday. Poland: Departure possible on Saturdays

Arrival 3pm
Boarding and explanation between 4pm and 7pm
Poland Sundays at 12noon

Return 9am
Poland Saturday at 12noon


Saturday morning (or Friday evening depending on availability, to be confirmed one week before departure)

Arrival and boarding between 10am and 11am (Fridays between 4pm and 7pm) Italy Friday at 3pm (week-ends to be confirmed 30 days before departure)

Retun Monday morning at 9am

Mini week

Departure on Monday

Arrival at 3pm
Boarding and explanation between 4pm
and 6pm. Italy: mini weeks confirmed 30 days before departure

Return on Friday at 2pm, Redon Belgium and Italy return at 9pm

Ready to set sail!

You do not have a sailing licence and are worried about driving the boat? Rest assured! The handling is quite simple and our teams on the bases will take the time to show you how the different equipment works and introduce you to the maneuvers and docking. The boat works with two commands: a throttle lever with two positions (front and rear) and a wheel to steer: you see, it’s simple!

Travelling at an average speed of 6kmph. enjoy your holidays with a peaceful soothing rhythm, gently travelling on the water. Enjoy the scenery from a new perspective and feel free to punctuate your cruise with a few stops, gourmet, historical or sports. There will be something for everyone!

Don’t forget your cameras: You won’t want to miss herons, black kites, egrets, mallards, kingfishers...!

Important: during your cruise, you sometimes come across mariners for whom sailing is their livelihood. They always have priority, it’s the rule!

Tip: do not anger fishermen. When you come across them on the banks, remember to slow down in order not to create too much backwash, and move over a little so as not to break their lines. You will soon make friends!

When you reach your first lock, don’t panic! The lock is simple, and not dangerous, as long as the basic safety rules are followed. You will usually be assisted by the lock keeper, who will appreciate a helping hand if you can, for the operation of the doors and sluices, when they are not automatic. In France the locks are free. They are normally open daily from 9am to 7pm.

Important: times may vary according to season. Some bank holidays are not worked by the lock keepers (Easter Sunday, 1 May, 14 July, 1 November) .

Manual locks! On some waterways (including the Charente, Lot and the Seille), locks are manual. It is you who maneuver through them, so allowing you greater freedom of navigation, without time constraints, from sunrise to sunset. These cruises are more physical, however, and are not recommended for a first timer, for persons who have difficulty moving, or who have young children with them.