French specialist in canal boat holidays since 1982

1 – What are the deadlines for booking? How far in advance should I book?

Don’t wait too long to book! Houseboat holidays are very popular and the best reservations tend to be made in advance. So if you’re interested in a river cruise holiday contact France Passion Plaisance on 0033 3 85 53 76 70 soon to make any inquiries and to reserve your cruise.

2 – Is it necessary to take out insurance?

Your Canalboat is fully insured and you are only responsible to pay for any damage caused up to the amount of the bond that you have taken out. You can also opt to purchase the franchise package by subscribing to the insurance Cruise Plus (Damage Waiver).

4 – Does the Liberty Cruise pack include cancellation insurance?

The liberty Cruise Pack includes: fuel, insurance in case the cruise is interrupted, rental of one basic bike and the cleaning fee. However it does not include cancellation insurance which represents 4% of the rental price.

5 – What are the means of payment and is it possible to spread the payments out?

We accept Visa and Master card and cash. Yes it is possible; Just contact our sales team.