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Discover all our tourist information from Louhans. Go off to explore the Country of Bresse Bourguignonne and navigate the Saône or the Seille by renting a boat without licence. Visit Louhans, livened up and picturesque city, and discover the Nature reserve of Truchère Ratenelle.

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Tourist information departing from Louhans

Suggestions for cruises from Louhans


Louhans, La Truchère, Louhans : 76 km, 6 locks, 12 hours

Mini week

Louhans, Châlon-sur-Saône, Verdun sur Doubs, Louhans : 200 km, 10 locks, 22 hours
Louhans, Mâcon, Tournus, Châlon sur Saône, Louhans : 196 km, 10 locks, 21 hours

One week

Louhans, Châlon-sur-Saône, Santenay, Saint Léger sur Dheune, Louhans : 222 km, 42 locks, 35 hours
Louhans, St Jean de Losne, Louhans : 270 km, 14 locks, 28 hours

One week one-way

Louhans, Pontailler sur Saône : 172 km, 9 locks, 25 hours
Louhans, Chagny, Pontailler sur Saône : 213 km, 33 locks, 31 hours

Two weeks

Louhans, Digoin, Louhans : 384 km, 132 locks, 69 hours